I declare that I do not have any other b2 A/c with ICICI Bank . Signing up for b2 A/c implies that you agree to
  1. Limited branch access. b2 savings bank account offers access to only select branches for the purposes of cash deposit and withdrawal. The list of such select b2 branches is available on the b2 website. Other existing ICICI Bank branches will not be able to serve b2 accounts.
  2. No physical passbook or physical statements will be available.
  3. No Cheque book will be issued. However, you can drop cheque of your regular bank accounts into any ICICI Bank cheque drop box for credits into your b2 account.
  4. No ATM cum Debit card will be issued. A Security card with grid values shall be issued to enable secure online transaction.

Note: b2 Account is a Savings Account. If any behavior other than a savings account behavior is noticed, ICICI Bank reserves the right to terminate the relationship.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR b2 savings account

b2 Terms and Conditions:

  1. That I have read, understood and hereby agree to the "Terms and Conditions" as applicable to my b2 savings account set forth on the website ''. I understand that access to any changes/updation give a hyperlink to the T&C in 'Terms and Conditions' applicable to this savings account / relationship would be available on the website only
  2. That all the particulars and information given in this application form (and all documents referred or provided therewith) are true, correct, complete and up-to-date in all respects and I have not withheld any information. I understand that certain particulars given by me are required by the operational guidelines governing banking companies.
  3. That this savings account will be operated singly.
  4. In the event of death of the depositor, premature termination of term deposits would be allowed. The conditions subject to which such premature withdrawal would be permitted shall be specified by ICICI Bank from time to time. Such premature withdrawal would not attract any penalty charge.
  5. To inform ICICI Bank/Group companies regarding any change in my residence/ employment and to provide any further information/documents that ICICI Bank/Group Companies may require from time to time. That I neither have any insolvency proceedings initiated against me nor have I been adjudicated insolvent
  6. That ICICI Bank/Group Companies reserve the right to reject any application without providing any reason. That ICICI Bank/Group companies reserve the right to retain the application forms and documents provided therewith, including photographs, and will not return the same to me.
  7. I hereby authorize issuance of ICICI Bank Security Card and provision of Internet Banking, Phone Banking and Mobile Banking services. I acknowledge that the issue and usage of any of the above services is governed by the terms and conditions in force from time to time as set forth in website and agree to abide by the same.
  8. I agree and understand that in the event I avail of any services / products / facilities offered by ICICI Bank through its b2 platform, I shall be bound by all the terms and conditions stipulated by ICICI Bank pertaining to such services / products / facilities, offered by ICICI Bank and availed by me through the b2 platform.
  9. Further, I agree, undertake and authorize:-
    a.ICICI Bank/its group companies or their agents to make references and enquiries which ICICI Bank/its group companies considered necessary in respect of or in relation to information in this application.
    b.ICICI Bank to excange, share or part with any or all information, date or documents related to my application, to other ICICI Group Companies/Banks/Financial Institutions/Credit Bureaus/Statutory Bodies/ other persons as may be necessary/required for use or processing of the aforesaid information/date by such person(s) or furnishing of the processed information/data/product s thereof to other Banks/Financial Institutions/Credit providers/users registered with such persons and shall not hold ICICI Bank liable for the use of this information.
  10. I nominate the person (details provided) to whom in the event of my death the amount of deposit in the account, particulars whereof are given, may be returned by ICICI Bank. OR Appoint the Guardian (details provided) the nominee is a minor to receive the amount on behalf of the nominee in the event of my death during the minority of the nominee.
  11. Accounts are subject to verification and if any discrepancy in the information provided is noted, account is subject to clear/not to be activated.
  12. I agree to undertake and authorize ICICI Bank to issue a consolidated certificate for tax Deducted at Source, if applicable, on interest paid or credit during the financial year in accordance with prevailing Income tax laws unless otherwise requested by me through prior intimation. I agree and confirm that tax will be deducted at source as per prevailing income tax laws subject to a certificate from Indian tax authorities for nil/ concessional rates of tax deduction. I also understand and agree that tax implications including documentation requirement are subject to change from time to time.
  13. I have received a copy of the tariff guide. I have read and understood the contents of brief schedule of charges provided in the tariff guide and detailed schedule of charges as set forth on the website and agree to abide by the same, subject to changes made from time to time.
  14. I hereby undertake to keep ICICI Bank informed, at all times, of any change/alteration in my/our communication address, as notified by me/us to ICICI Bank and authorise ICICI Bank to update any change/alteration in my/our communication address that ICICI Bank may be informed of by me and/or is brought to the notice of ICICI Bank and hereby authorise ICICI Bank to contact me on such changed/altered address. I shall be solely responsible to ensure that ICICI Bank has been informed of the correct address for communication. I agree to indemnify ICICI Bank against any fraud or any loss or damage, etc., suffered by ICICI Bank due to my/our providing of any incorrect communication address and/or failure on my/our part to communicate ICICI Bank of the change/alteration in my/our communication address